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Happy Holidays y'all!

So we've got a couple new members on the forum (hi new members) and I've been meaning to try to get more active on my own f$cking site so here's a post.

What's going on at Cryptochaotica HQ? Well, here are the updates:

  1. I'm getting a new crop of mooshies started! I'm getting the rye jars cooked this week, then should be able to innoculate them around Xmas. I was having real contam issues a few months back which made me shelve everything in favor of other projects. But I have tons of liquid culture and spore syringes sitting in my fridge, and I am running out of the lovely GT powder I was using to make microdose caps ... So it's time to grow more. Stay tuned!

  2. I'm also really trying to get some new handmade products into my shop. My Etsy store has been doing pretty well with the designs I'm running through Printful, and I will admit, it's really nice and easy. Printful does an excellent job. But it feels kind of inauthentic and commercial. I want to make things that foster a positive magickal connection with the people who buy them. Anyway, I've got a few designs I'm working on, and I think I will roll them out in limited edition test runs. So again, stay tuned if you want to grab one.

  3. I've also really been thinking about testing a "pay what you wanna" model. God I hate capitalism so much, and hustle culture is the worst variant of it. I don't want to fucking "hustle". I did a think on TikTok where I have away patches free. And that felt really good. But also not sustainable. And also unfair to other creators who don't have the privilege to be able to give shit away. But anyway, I am thinking maybe I should try seeing what would happen if I put some stuff up on a "pay what you think is fair" basis. I know that studies have shown this model doesn't work, and human beings are greedy exploiters and so on. But I so much want to believe that's not true. And one tenet of magick is "act as if you're living in the reality you want to be in." So why not. Let's give it a go. I just have to finish some of these eighteen million projects I got going first.

  4. Also I gotta make Xmas presents for my family. Dammit I'm late ...

That's enough for now. I'll try to post at least once a week going forward, just to get into the habit.

Loves and hugs to all.


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