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Happy Monday

It's time for my daily accountabi-blog. I didn't blog yesterday because it was the weekend and I guess even the Cryptochaotica Chief Executive needs a day off. Anyway, it was a great weekend. Watched an awesome AEW PPV with a friend, made some birthday cakes (it's Li'l Boo's birthday on Wednesday, and it was my mom's birthday on Friday ... So many Pisces in my life ...) Also I got some silk scarves prepped for photographing for my portfolio, which I will hopefully get done today, as well as some new sketches and cutfiles. Really hoping to get some traction on priority projects this week.

But the spring weather is so delicious, and it's beckoning me out for a walk. So more later! (Including cake pics 😋🎂🎉)

A couple of my silk scarves, starched and hanging to dry. Gotta iron 'em before I can get a beauty shot.

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