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I am a BubbleBrain!

(I mean, not literally, but it makes a good blog title).

Actually, maybe literally. My brain is pretty bubbly these days.

So as I've posted elsewhere, I am starting my own trivia show. I have been hosting trivia for the past two years (for another company), and it's given me a lot of ideas of how to do it better. Make it more fast-paced, interactive, and fun. I'm a very ADHD person (hence the Bubble Brain) and so I'm making a trivia show for people like me. Never boring!

My first show is on May 18 at Integrity Brewing. If you're reading this (and I have no confidence anyone actually is 😜) you should come!

Here is a link:

Anyway, I'll post more soon. I'm trying to get into the habit. Maybe I need to hire ChatGPT to do all this for me ...

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