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It's our second post!

And I gotta say I don't really know what the point of having a blog is. I've already set up forums for the site (which I have no confidence anyone will ever use) so what's the point of having a blog too? All this online marketing schmozz is bending my brain. I guess having a blog is a place where I can get "real" and "relatable" with the "key demo." 😂

Anyway, for the time being I'll just use this blog like I used to use LiveJournal, as a place to record thoughts and talk about the business and my art and creativity and all that.

So what's been going on? Well, next on my campaign for global dominance is getting some off-the-shelf patches added to the Etsy store. The felt Danhausen battle jacket patch set is the most viewed/saved item in our store and I'd really like to get 3-5 of them into inventory, and hopefully at a slightly better price point than $300. I think I can sharpen the pencil, but I need to carefully track the cost of time and materials. The prototype I made took about 8 hours, but I wasn't using the Cricut (I fussy-cut all the felt pieces) so I think I can get that time down. OTOH, I used cheaper materials in the prototype (plain craft felt from Michaels) and for the ones I sell I want to use the nicer materials (100% wool felt and silk organza) and of course those add to the cost. Anyway, I plan to capture the process in a YT maker video, so stay tuned for that. I just need to get off my ass and get goin'.

What other projects have I got in the hopper? Oh man, a zillion. While I love Danhausen (and clearly, a lot of other people do too) I need to diversify a bit I think. I've got some great sketches for Vargas pinup Luchadora girls that I think look pretty cool (I posted a rough of one of them on Instagram.) I think doing those in white line art on colored shirts would be fire. Oh, and wrestler masks! I haven't even mentioned those! I'm going to be participating in a challenge called #maskmakingmarch and will post results.

That's enough for now, I guess. I think I will try to post every day just to capture my thoughts and keep myself accountable and moving forward. So, until tomorrow ... SaltPDX out!

Post #2!
Post #2!

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